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The Benefits of a Work Management Platform

Published 18 October, 2020
Leah Pottinger
Written by Leah Pottinger

A Work Management Platform encompasses all necessary tasks for your business to succeed.


When Project Management software is no longer cutting it, you need to level up to a Work Management Platform. This system will enable you to plan, track, and organize your business across all departments of the company.


A Work Management Platform organizes a company’s non-project tasks, such as emails and conferences. It also tracks project tasks, such as project management and resource sharing. The platform allows you to plan and organize all your work in one place to optimize tasks and team performance to meet organizational objectives.


Team Performance

We are going beyond simple team-building exercises.


As many companies opt for the new norm of work from home, critics of the remote workplace say that these organizations will lose their identity and culture. Company culture is a set of shared values, beliefs, and goals that the employees accomplish to support the unique company environment. This is not directly related to face-to-face interactions.


This presents another opportunity to produce the desired work atmosphere for your employees: putting a system in place that creates even more flexibility for your team. With a Work Management Platform to help plan, track, and organize tasks, work is being completed and your team can effectively communicate, no matter where they are working from.


One of the benefits of many workplaces transitioning to remote logins and the digital landscape is that the number of unnecessary meetings has been cut down. Further to that, recent data shows that virtual meetings cut down the amount of time spent on the call, allowing employees to get back to work faster. With less frequent virtual calls than would happen in the office, information percolates longer so meetings are more direct.


Other ways Work Management Platforms enhance team performance:

  • Open communication
  • Time management
  • Resource management
  • File sharing and storage


Staff Retention and Talent Acquisition

Satisfied teams in an attractive workplace.


By optimizing your team’s performance, the company goals are being met and organizational culture is thriving. This is all due to the planning and connectivity features that a Work Management Platform offers. These are the types of businesses that attracted the talent you need to run your business and keep your teams in place.


Reducing employee pains, like information searching and constant interruptions will lead to an increase in employee retention. A disorganized system means employees are searching for ways to complete their tasks, instead of focusing on team collaboration and fulfilling company objectives. Removing this unnecessary workplace ‘noise’ leads to focused work that your teams were hired to perform. A work management system organizes tasks, so the level of deep work increases daily.


Implementing a system that works for you, instead of you working for It is every business owner’s dream. A work management platform provides the necessary clarity teams need to do meaningful, productive work. Creating a system will give your employees the freedom to complete meaningful work and it will assist you, so you can support your teams. This means motivated employees can grow professionally and develop as leaders in your company.


Key features of a work management platform that promote staff retention:

  • Workflow management
  • Advanced task sharing
  • Team alignment
  • Job and task clarity


Big Picture Strategy

Great workplaces are made up of great people.


We all know the day-to-day tasks are important and need to be completed. However, you are not only looking to get the daily work completed – you want to create a platform that plans for the future so important deadlines do not pass you by.


Why not work towards a bigger picture strategy? A work management platform tracks project and non-project tasks, so you can have peace of mind that necessary daily work is being completed. This, in turn, means that your valuable time is better spent focused on a high-level strategy to enhance your business.


The financial side of your organization is vital in making informed decisions for your company. Another benefit of a Work Management Platform is that all the numbers you need are available to you as you analyze possible gains for your business. Being able to track the performance of the projects your teams are working on provides you with insight for future opportunities.




Customers will love a company more if employees love it first.


The use of a Work Management Platform provides clarity to your employees. This results in accurate expectation management for your teams to meet their deadlines. An outcome of having realistic expectations is an increased work-life balance for you and your employees.


A centralized communication feature will open the door for team collaboration and keep all applicable people up to date on the status of projects. This means employees can discuss project development through threads and leave comments for their coworkers. This also means that you can communicate easily with your employees. A communication tool leads to enhanced employee relations, which then leads to happy, hardworking teams.


It is one thing to be happy in your workplace, but it is another thing to be proud of the organization you work for. Branding can be difficult to do well, but with a Work Management Platform, you can create a brand that your employees can be proud of.


Other ways that a work management platform will increase the overall happiness of your business:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase transparency
  • Work schedule flexibility
  • Better onboarding procedures


Work Management Platforms support your team’s performance, which leads to enhanced employee retention and talent acquisition. This allows leadership to focus on big-picture thinking for the organization and a happy work culture. Ditto can set up a work management system for your company that delves into the unique offering of your business to further grow it. The development process ensures that your company’s identity is evident in each step of your operations.


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