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How To Automate Your Marketing And Sales Workflow With HubSpot

Published 28 March, 2021
Marquis Murray
Written by Marquis Murray

HubSpot's workflow tool makes it so that you can automate your marketing and sales, leaving more time for you to focus on the more important areas of your business. If you're the manager of the sales team, you can use this tool to automatically place leads in a queue to be promoted, schedule a lead to be followed up on or help determine if that lead has been tapped into enough to use HubSpot's Marketing and Analytics features.


What is HubSpot and what is a workflow?

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that helps you create automated marketing and sales campaigns that engage users. It also offers a CRM and sales software, for companies that want to manage customer records and sales processes. HubSpot also offers an online form builder, which helps you create forms on your website or in your email campaigns. The form builder tool has enough tools built into it that it's worth your time to learn how to use it, but if you are looking for an easy way to create a form in HubSpot, we recommend visiting the form builder's quick start guide to get started.


Recurring Actions

You can define a trigger function that triggers a workflow action on your company dashboard. For example, when an email client calls your customer support number, then a workflow action will be triggered and a reminder will be sent to the subscriber. This is useful for repeated events such as contacting a customer who is taking a large number of calls or repeating communications to a prospect who contacts your sales team. Revenue Streams The HubSpot platform makes it easy to create recurring revenue streams through the automatic enrollment of prospects, customers, and companies in the workflow. When someone enrolls into a workflow, the system will automatically ask them to give you a date when they expect to complete a purchase.


Sales Funnel Actions

If you're also a Salesforce user, then you can also use the sales funnels tool in HubSpot to automate your sales and lead activities. For example, you can automatically send emails to your target customers as they're considering buying a product or service after they've purchased, or before they've canceled. You can also create calls to action to contact people after a purchase. You can also automate your sales and lead activities with HubSpot's lead analyst tool, which automatically analyzes and creates recommendations on how to increase your sales or lead pipeline.


Automating Marketing

"After setting up the lead funnel, you can send those leads to HubSpot's lead management tool to develop and nurture leads. After nurturing the lead and performing a series of activities to qualify them and submit them to sales, you can analyze your analytics reports to see which customers and prospects fit best into the 'warm' and 'cold' segments of your sales funnel," said Garrett Larson, co-founder and CEO of Leadfeeder, in a recent blog post. This is exactly what HubSpot helps companies to do. The software can help your customers get leads from customers who abandoned them, or those who require follow-up marketing. It also helps you engage them in your messaging and campaigns so that they are more likely to purchase from you.



HubSpot is a popular marketing and sales software tool that allows you to manage all your marketing and sales activities in one place. The marketing and sales functions are very well-designed, and you can create numerous, detailed sales processes with drag-and-drop functionality. The HubSpot platform will provide you with the necessary tools to automate your marketing and sales processes to ensure your marketing and sales activities are fully managed and kept up-to-date.


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