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How Systems provide you with the freedom you are looking for.

Published 19 October, 2021
Emily Banks
Written by Emily Banks

Change is inevitable. For many businesses, change can be drastic and scary. If you want to succeed today, businesses must make the best of these changes.

We loved chatting with Zsófia Bányai of, a consultancy that helps busy entrepreneurs and remote teams to automate and outsource their time-consuming tasks without sacrificing their profits. As the Operational Outsourcing Manager, Zsófia maps out processes to spot tasks for automation and outsourcing and also handles the entire process with backup solutions and training on how to make outsourcing safe and affordable. 


When referring to her work, Zsófia says, “I like to refer to as a ‘Freedom Project’; I believe in the freedom of work that it should be done whenever and wherever you want without making you feel overwhelmed.”

If you want to achieve freedom in your work, we and processes are the way to go.



What does freedom at work look like for you?

Zsófia shared a bit about her personal workflows, specifically about how she manages client relationships and her own health.

She describes how the key is learning to optimize your productivity by working when you’re recharged, not neglecting yourself in the process of work. It sounds counterintuitive because sort of is. Not every role can have a level of flexibility that allows you to bump meetings, take a nap or work throughout the night, but the principle of optimizing on the times of day where you work best is something that can be applied across the board.

If we understand (and meet) our needs, we will produce better work. 


For Zsófia, this means she literally changes locations every 2 or 3 months as she finds it revitalizing and inspired by being in different environments. She has adopted a flexible meeting mentality that allows for them to be moved as needed so the time spent together is quality.


What was the inspiration for

Zsófia spent her early days working at a tax firm, where she saw firsthand the struggles that companies face to organize and add structure to their processes. She loved her role and teammates but could see how everyone doing their work their own way, didn’t yield growth. 


“Sometimes when you are just in your day-to-day work, you don’t actually think about what you are doing.” 


Putting the time and effort into building training systems, SOP’s and onboarding strategies means you’re ready if you encounter an influx of clients. You never know when that could happen, so it’s better to be prepared.


And a lot is on the line when it comes to your operating procedures. Time, money, reputation are all at why don’t we take them more seriously? 


This motivated Zsófia to put her observation and system-building skills to work for others, helping clients build value by identifying, outsourcing, and automating time-consuming tasks. was born.


Why do systems matter? 

Nobody knows your business or processes as well as you do. 


If you’re serious about expansion, onboarding new talent, and hitting your project deadlines then everyone on the team needs to be on the same page.

Just like if you were operating an aircraft, everyone on your crew needs to be aware of and capable of executing a determined set of tasks to ensure everyone arrives safely and on time. A systems and processes expert will help you write the operational handbook.

They can help you identify pain points, improve your automation and outsourcing as well as decreasing lost leads because of internal miscommunications and mistakes.

We couldn’t possibly capture all of Zsófia’s insights in this short blog. The whole episode is live now, listen in and let us know what stood out to you!



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